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Veikals atrodas Rīgā, Brīvības gatvē 218B-39, t. 20222240. Mūsu teritorijā ir bezmaksas autostāvvieta!


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1. Patent designed unique 6+2 Speaker unit Channel Home Theater Headphone( A Complete multi-channel headphone with separate 8 speaker units inside of ear cap:Front right, Front left ; Rear right , Rear left ; Center right , Center left; Plus two powerful subwoofer respectively.)

2. Special unique designed two subwoofers to supply Deep & Sink extra Heavy Real Bass Sound. Excellent fidelity, enhances discrete sound source, directional, Spatial, and realistic sound effects.

3. With patented 6.2 Channel Circuits Board and amplifier device create REAL 6+2 Multi Channel Home Theater Environment.

4. Friendly plug and play for DVD, GAME CONSOLE, CD, MP3,PC and any kinds of sound sources.A 5.1 sound card is required for PC users.

5. Total 8 different directions sound outputs supply user an unbelievable REAL 6+2 Home Theater Experience.

6. Two phone jack supply two users simultaneously. Give a new dimension when watching DVD movies and gaming at same time.

7. Equipped with additional outputs connection for 5.1 home theatre speakers.

8. With 10 feet cord length. Wires are long enough for you free to move.

6.2 Electric Parameter Of The Amplifier Box :

Power Supply: DC 7.5V 500mA
Input Leveling: ≦150mV
Power In: 10mW x 6
S/N: ≦80dB
Resolution: ≧90dB
Distortion: <0.2﹪
Power Out: Bass 0.8W x 2

6.2 Headphone Speaker Parameter :

Front Speaker: Φ30mm 20-20, 000Hz x 2
Rear Speaker: Φ23mm 20-20, 000Hz x 2
Center Speaker: Φ23mm 20-20, 000Hz x 2

Svars (iepakojumā) 1.886 kg
Valsts-ražotājs China
Garantija (mēnešos) 12
Telefona numurs: +371 20222240
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